U300/500/1000 serial measurement industrial camera(USB)
▲ Model:  U300/U500/U1000
▲ Pixel: 3MP/5MP/10MP
▲ Resolution: Max: 3664*2748
▲ Frame rate: MAX: 60FPS
▲ Output port: USB2.0/ USB3.0
▲ Color: R, G, B adjustable seperatly
▲ Cache: 16MB
▲ Function: Taking photo, recording video, measurement(optional)
▲ Language: English,German,Indonesian,Japanese,Korean,

Product Detail


Model U300 U500 U1000
Sensor CMOS 1/2" CMOS 1/2.5" CMOS1/2.3"
Piexl 3MP 5MP 10MP
Resolution Max: 2048*1536 Max: 2592*1944 Max: 3664*2748
Frame rate Max: 43 FPS Max: 60 FPS Max: 27FPS
Output port USB2.0 USB2.0 USB3.0
Scan model Line by line
Color R, G, B adjustable seperatly
Cache 16MB
TV-adapter  C-monut or CS Mount
Control  OSD menu
Exposure Automatic exporsure/Manual exposrure / zone exposure system
White balance Automatic white balance/ Manual white balance/ zone white balance
Function Taking photo, recording video, measurement(optional)
Power USB power share
Operation system Under windows 10(32bit, 64bit)
Measurement(optional) Circle: radius, circumference, squre;
Distance from center of a circle to a line, to a point, to another center of a circle
Arc: radius, arc length, radian;
Rectangle: length, width, square and perimeter;
Polygon: primeter and square;
Elipse: primeter and square;
Length, angle;
Distance from point to line, distance between 2 lines, etc.
Language English, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish
Size 58*58*36.4mm
Working condition Temperature: -10°-50°, Huminity: 30%~28%

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