HDMI Digital 3D video microscope
▲ Magnification: 14 -150X 
▲ Lens: 0.7-4.5X
▲ Pixel: 2 mega pixels
▲ Camera port: HDMI
▲ Memory: SD card 256M~32G
▲ Functions: Taking photo,  Recording video
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail
HDMI Digital 3D video microscope 

▲ Digital 3D microscope is high quality video microscope with HDMI camera. It can be connected to a display screen directly. 

▲ The Image is stere, user can see more details normal video microscope can‘t display.

▲ With high definition image, it is fit for high precision metal hardware, plastic, electronic products, etc.

▲ For more application information, please view SOLUTION. 

▲ Motor driving. 


▲ Standard Magnification: 14 -150X 
▲ Resolution/Pixels: 2 mega pixels
▲ Field range: 2-16mm
▲ Moving distance: 65mm
▲ Camera port: HDMI
▲ Memory: SD card
▲ Camera features: Taking photo, recording video
▲ Stage: 380*260mm
▲ Illumination: Intergrated LED light, brightness adjustable.
▲ Motor driving speed adjustable.

※Standard confuguration:
Camera(HD2000)+Lens:(DM o1)+ Stage( 01)+ LED light 

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