BD-200M Invented Metallurgical Microscope
▲ Optical system: Achromatic optical system
▲ Observation: Reflecting, sample polarization
▲ Eyepiece: WF PL10 × (Φ18mm)
▲ Objective: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X     
▲ Llight source: 6V/30W
▲ Maginification: 500X
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail

▲ BD-200M is a inverted metallurgical microscope. 

▲ For more application information, please view SOLUTION couslt with us.


Model BD-200M
Observation Reflecting, polarization
Optical system Achromatic system
View tube Trinocular, Hinge trinocular, 45°Tilt, 45° rotating, Splitting ratio: 80%~20%
Eyepiece High eye WF PL10X(Φ18mm)
Objective Long working distance flat field metallurgical objective: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X
Nosepiece Quardruple converter
Stage Mechanical stage: 180mm * 145mm
Moving range: 75mm * 40mm
Precision: 0.1mm
Focusing mechanism Tightness and height limitation of coarse regulation are adjustable,
Fine adjustment accuracy: 0.002mm
Coarse regulation range: 38mm
Light source 6V/30W halogen lamp, the brightness is adjustable,
Transmission kohler illumination, with center adjustable field stop and aperture stop.
Condensor Phase contrast condensor, working distance: 30mm
Polarization Analyzer can rotate 360°, polariscope and analyzer can be removed from the optical system
Photographic device Camera adapter with PK slot, 3.2 photographic objective, 1X CCD adapter.
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