BD-45B2 Stereo Microscope
▲ View tube: Binocular/Trinocular 
▲ Eyepiece: WF10× (Φ20mm)
▲ Objective: 0.7X-4.5X
▲ Magnification: 7X-45X    
▲ Working distance: 100mm
▲ Depth of field: 15mm
▲ Illumination: Top LED and bottom LED
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail

▲ The magnification of BD-45B2 can be adjusted continously.

▲ It has a long working distance and large field range, see BD-W245T1.

▲ It is fit for medical and clinic, agroforestrial geology, pricise casting, especially for LED checking, PCB checking, clad layer checking and chip detecting.

▲ For more application information, please contact us.

Model BD-45B2
View tube Binocular/trinocular, 45 ° inclined.
Magnification Standard: 7X-45X
Can be extended to 3.5X-180X.
Zoom ratio 1:6.4
Eyepiece WF10X(Φ20mm)
Optional: 15X, 20X
Objective 0.7X-4.5X
Auxiliary Lens 0.5X, 2X
Working distance 100mm
Depth of field 15mm
Illumination Top LED and bottom LED
Stage baseplate Φ95mm glass board or black and white board.
Camera adapter For trinocular: 1X or 0.5X C-Mount.
Stage size 200*255mm
Digital camera Optional
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