BD-SW4001 Infinity Biological Microscope
▲ Infinity Plan achramatic optical system
▲ Optional Module: Dark field, Phase contrast, Bright field
▲ Trinocular view head,  30 ° inclining
▲ Eyepiece: WF10 × (Φ22mm)
▲ Objective: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
▲ Illumination: LED or halogen lamp
▲ Compound light microscope.
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail

▲ Competent for scientific research, medicine,industry,agriculture and education.

▲ Uniform illumination with consistant colour temperature.

▲ With excellent Flat field achromatic infinity optical system ensure high image flatness accross the field.
▲ Excellent contrast via simple aperture iris operation.

▲ Enables users to remain comfortable during long periods of routine microscopy observations.

▲ The location of the control knobs maximize ergonomics to improve work efficiency. Users can quickly set up a specimen with one hand, while adjusting the focus and operating the stage with the other hand with minimal movement. The microscope also features an optional camera port for digital imaging.

▲ Max maginification: 1000X or 1600X.

▲ For cameras, please view cameraWith camera it can connect to computer or screen, it can also taking photo and recording video.

▲ Optional Module: Dark field, Phase contrast, fluorescense(Standard configuration is bright field). Please view solution for difference of Dark field, Phase contrast, bright field.

Optical system
Infinity plan achramatic optical system
Observation Standard: Bright field
Optional: Dark field, Phase contrast, polarizing.
View tube
Trinocular,  30 ° incling, 360°rotating 
IPD adjustment: 54mm ~ 75mm                       
Diopter adjustment: ± 5 diopters                         
Splitting ratio:  100: 0 or 100:0
Eyepiece High eye level wide field WF10 × (Φ22mm)
Optional: Widefield eyepiece WF16.
Objective Infinity Plan achromatic objective:
4X/0.1, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65(spr), 100X(spr.,oil)
Optional: 20X.
Standard: 4-position/Quadruple 
Optional: 5-position/Quintuple
Stage Stage size:175 × 145mm.  
Moving range: 76mm ×50mm
Precision: 0.1mm
Focusing mechanism
Coaxial positioning system.       
Tightness and height limitation of coarse regulation are adjustable. 
Fine adjustment accuracy :0.002mm. 
Illumination Transmission illumination system,
Hight light power LED or halogen lamp,  brightness adjustable.
Condensor Removable Abbe condenser, NA1.25 with aperture iris diaphragm.
Filter Blue filter,grand glass.
Optional module Dark field, Phase contrast, Polarazition.
Camera adapter 0.5X or 1X
Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

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