BD-W245T1 boom arm Stereo Microscope
▲ View tube: Binocular/trinocular
▲ Zoom ratio: 1:6.4
▲ Eyepiece: WF10× (Φ20mm)
▲ Objective: 0.7X-4.5X
▲ Magnification (Optional): 7X-45X   
▲ Max extend distance of the arm: 550mm
▲ Light source: Top LED ring light
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail

▲ The magnification of BD-W245T1 can be adjusted continously. 

▲ It has a long working distance and large field range.  

▲ It is fit for medical and clinic, agroforestrial geology, pricise casting. 

▲ With long working arm, it is especially fit for large samples.  

▲ For more application information, please view SOLUTION or contact us.


Model BD-W245T1
View tube Binocular or trinocular, 45 ° inclined.
Magnification Standard: 7X-45X
Can be extended to 3.5X-180X
Zoom ratio 1: 6.4
Eyepiece(optional) Standard: WF10X(Φ20mm)
Optional: 15X, 20X
Objective 0.7X-4.5X
Optional Auxiliary Lens Optional(Not standard): 0.5X, 2X
Max extend distance of the arm 550mm
Illumination  LED ring light
Camera adapter For Trinocular: 
Standard: 1X C-Mount
Optional: 0.5X C-Mount
Digital camea Optional
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