BD-60T Trinocular Stereo Microscope
▲ View tube: Trinocular
▲ Eyepiece: 10 × (Φ22mm)
▲ Objective: 0.8X-5X
▲ Depth of field: 15mm
▲ Illumination: Top LED and bottom LED
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail

▲ BD-60T is Trinocular inspection & dissection stereo microscope. 

▲ It comes with all-metal construction with a slip clutch, rack & pinion focus mechanism that helps prevent damage and an eyepiece locked for security. 

▲ A white/black plastic contrast stage plate effectively reflects ambient light.Specimens such as flowers, insects, leaves, rocks, coins, fingerprints, and circuit boards. 

▲ With  digital camera the image can  be displayed on the screen.  

▲ For more application information, please consult with us.


Model BD-60T
View tube Trinocular, 45 ° inclined.
Magnification Standard: 8X-50X
Can be extended to 4X-200X
Eyepiece Standard: 10X(Φ22mm)
Optional: 15X(Φ16mm), 20X(Φ12.5mm)
Objective 0.8X-5X.
Optional Auxiliary lens Optional(Not standard): AL0.5X, AL2X
Working distance No auxiliary lens, working distance: 115mm;
Auxiliary lens AL0.5X, working distance: 211mm;
Auxiliary lens AL2X, working distance: 43.5mm.
Magnification a: Eyepiece: 10X(Φ22mm)
        No auxiliary lens: 8X-50X, field range: 27.5-4.4mm
        Auxiliary lens  AL0.5X: 4-25X, field range: 55-8.8mm
        Auxiliary lens  AL2X: 16-100X, field range: 13.8-2.2mm
b: Eyepiece 15X(Φ16mm)
        No auxiliary lens: 12X-75X, field range: 20-2.5mm
        Auxiliary lens  AL0.5X: 6-37.5X, field range: 40-5mm
        Auxiliary lens  AL2X: 24-150X, field range: 10-1.6mm
c: Eyepiece 20X(Φ12mm)
        No auxiliary lens: 16X-100X, field range: 15-2.4mm
        Auxiliary lens AL0.5X: 8X-50X, field range: 30-4.8mm
        Auxiliary lens AL2X: 32X-200X, field range: 7.5-1.2mm
Depth of field 15mm
Illumination Top LED and bottom LED.
Optional: Top LED
Camera adapter Standard: 1X
Optional: 0.5X
Digital camera Optional
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