HD4002 Auto-focusing large view field digital video microscope
▲ Magnification: 1 -60X
▲ Large view field up to 420*230mm
▲ Boom stand for large samples 
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
▲ Auto-focusing
Product Detail

▲ Boom stand digital microscope is competent for checking large size sampes, high working distance ensure more working space.

▲ Aauto focusing: No need adjust when change zoom time.

▲ High definition HDMI output.

▲ Take photo.

▲ USB flash disk memory.

▲ Control by mouse(take photo, change zoom time).

▲ Large view field and high working distance.

▲ It can work at daylight environment. 

▲ Optional boom stand.
For sample in large size, boom stand is very important. 
User can change the position of lens and ensure the lens is on the center area to be checked. 


Model HD4002-W3 
Magnification Total magnification: 1X-60X
Feature Auto focusing.
Large view field.
High working distance.
Function Living image, capture image.
Camera and lens HDMI camera with built in lens.
Resolution/Pixels 2 mega pixels, 1920*1080P
View field View field 420*230mm at WD300mm 1X magnification.
View field 196*110mm at WD300mm 2X magnification.
View field 150*840mm at WD300mm 3X magnification.
View field 116*65mm at WD300mm 4X magnification.
View field 52*29mm at WD300mm 5X magnification.
View field 45.5*25mm at WD300mm 14X magnification.
Illumination LED bar illumination. 
Optional part ▲ Boom stand.
▲19-32 inch monitor.
Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz.

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