BD-YGD-1 inverted fluorescence Microscope
▲ Optical system: Achromatic optical system
▲ View tube: Trinocular, 45 ° Tilt
▲ Observation:
Epi-Fluorescence, transmission, phase contrast
▲ Eyepiece: WF 10 × (Φ22mm)
▲ Llight source: 6V/30W halogen lamp
▲ Epifluorescence device:
Mercury lamp: 110W/DC.
Fluorescence filter group:
▲ Cetificate: CE, Rohs
Product Detail

▲ BD-YGD-1 is a inverted biological microscope. 

▲ It can be used to observe specimen in high petri dish or culture vessel and cylindric flask.
▲ With excellent infinity optical syatem and stable stage, modularized fluorescence device and phase contrast module, it is a ideal microscope for life-science and medical research.  

▲ It is especially fit for biopsy specimen or transparent liquid. 

▲ Maginification: 400X

▲ For more application information, please view SOLUTION.



▲ Optical system: Achromatic optical system.

▲ View tube: Trinocular, Hinge trinocular, 45 ° Tilt, Splitting ratio:  100%:0, 0:100%. 

▲ Observation: Epi-Fluorescence and transmission, phase contrast.

▲ Eyepiece:  WF 10 × (Φ22mm), Central telescope(for phase contrast only)

▲ Objective: (Optional:Phase ontrast device)
Infinity flat field achromatic objective: 
PLL10X/0.25, working distance 8.8mm, Cover glass: 1.2mm
PLL25X/0.4,  working distance: 4.78mm, Cover glass: 1.2mm
PLL40X/0.6(spring), working distance: 3.32mm. Cover glass: 1.2mm

Long working distance flat field achromatic phase contrast objective: 
PLL10X/0.25 PHP2,  working distance: 8.8mm. Cover glass: 1.2mm
PLL25X/0.4 PHP2,  working distance: 4.78mm. Cover glass: 1.2mm
PLL40X/0.6 PHP2,  working distance: 3.32mm. Cover glass: 1.2mm

▲ Nosepiece: Five-hole converter

▲ Condensor: N.A. 0.4 long distance condensor,  working distance: 50mm

▲ Filter: Blue filter, green filter, ground glass

▲ Focusing mechanism:
Tightness and height limitation of coarse regulation are adjustable.
Fine adjustment accuracy :0.002mm.

▲ Llight source: 6V/30W halogen lamp, the brightness is adjustable.

▲ Epifluorescence device(Optional: U+V or B+G or U+V+B+G)
Mercury lamp: 110W/DC, Power supply: AC110V/240V
Fluorescence filter group:
UV: excitation wavelength 330-400nm, emmisition wavelength 425nm
V: excitation wavelength 395-415nm, emmisition wavelength 455nm
B: excitation wavelength 420-485nm, emmisition wavelength 515nm
G: excitation wavelength 460-550nm, emmisition wavelength 590nm

▲ Stage: 
Fixed mechanical stage.
Stage size:208× 224mm, Moving range: 79mm ×112mm  
Specimen holder for culture vessel: 
For Φ68mm or 77*29mm petri dish. 
For 125*85mm 96 holes petri dish.
For 82*57mm petri dish.
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