Metallurgical Microscope applied in Plastic Film Producing
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Metallurgical Microscope applied in Plastic Film Producing
Plastic film is widely used in our daily life, but the film producing process and quality control is very strict. 100-200 micron thickness of the film is composed of 7-8 layers structure, each layer has a specific function. such as anti corrosion layer, Toughness enhancing, damp-proof layer, etc.

In the film producing process, to inspect and measure the thickness of each layer, we must use microscope.
The following picture is taken by our BD-40 metallographic microscope with 1.4MP CCD industrial camera, together with the microscope measurement and analysis software.
the following points should to be noted during the test:
1. Firstly, we must make a neat cross section by using suitable fixtures and tools.
2. Put the objective section on the metallurgical microscope stage, start observation with the smallest magnification lens, in sequence, end with the biggest magnification lens.
3. we will need the polarizing function during the observation process.