Metallurgical microscope applied in particle inspection
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Metallurgical microscope applied in particle inspection


In practice, the following industry need to inspect the size of the grain:  chemical, pigment, powder raw materials, mining, etc.,

For example, in the production of diamond wheels, the size of diamond particles will affect the accuracy of the diamond wheel, so that the size of the diamond particles should to be strictly controlled.     

Follow up the steps below, you could get the best effect:

1) connect the microscope with PC, make calibration from eyepiece side.

2) spread the objective particle evenly onto the slide.

3) Place the slide under microscope stage, fistly, use 5X objective lens to find the basic focus range, change to other lens to find the most suitable focus and magnification.

4) use polarizing function to observe while the focus position and magnification is in a good status. we will get the best effect.

5) observe on monitor.