Stereo Microscope and biological microscope fit for school laboratory
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Student microscopes

When researching student microscopes, it does not imply that the microscope should resemble a toy that can barely be used to observe anything or only last for a short period of time.

It is therefore important to not only know the intended purpose of a microscope, but also the qualities of a good microscope before making any purchase, especially when it comes to high school students given that they are starting to learn about the more complex components of various organisms, tissues and cells among others.

School laboratory may need stereo microscope and biological. Binocular stereo microscope and 
binocular biological microscope is good enough. For teacher maybe a trinocular stereo microscope and trinocular biological microscope is better. Trinocular microscope can conncet with camera and connect to computer or projector. A microscope can save picture is better for further report.

A stereo microscope is fit for botanical and zoological research: 
1. Dissection work for both plant and animal; 
2. Observe insects and fly.
3. Observe seeds and leaf.

Binocular Stereo microscope

Trinocular Stereo microscope

A biological microscope is fit for kinds of slides. Whereas high schools students are still in the introduction phase, college students will require more professional microscopes depending on their field of study. A microscope with touch pad are more popular for students.
Monocular Biological microscope with camera

Binocular Biological microscope

Trinocular Biological microscope